Second IT is one of Europe’s leading companies specialized in audit-proof and certified data erasure according to
GDPR, as well as remarketing of used IT hardware, from smartphones to computer centres.


Sensitive data must be protected reliably:

  • Seamless transport monitoring
  • Secure logistics processes
  • Certified processing procedures
  • Highest building security
  • Multi-level control systems
  • Certification of all areas & processes
  • Regular employee training


Selling your IT hardware gives you various advantages:

  • Highest possible cash back for your re-investment
  • Lucrative employee sales
  • Minimum customer effort


Trust, but verify. Our deletion process is BSI-certified and you receive an erasure report:

  • 100% audit-proof
  • EU-DSGVO conform
  • Seamless documentation
  • Software based refurbishment processes
  • Completely transparent


Not only do you save a lot of money but you also actively contribute to environmental protection:

  • Improve your environmental balance
  • Avoide unnecessary CO2 emissions
  • Very high utilization rate
  • Environmentally compliant recycling
  • Recovery of raw materials
  • Donation projects possible

For the successful evaluation of your hardware (PCs, laptops and workstations, monitors, smartphones and tablets, printers, network components, NAS systems and POS) please provide an inventory list with the most important details (configuration information) of the devices. We will be happy to support you gathering all necessary information in order to keep the effort for you as low as possible.