Our focus is on certified and audit-proof data erasure – legal obligation according to GDPR! – by using the world market leader Blancco’s software. As a Blancco Gold Partner, we work very closely together and optimize our processes in expert workshops.
We purchase your used IT equipment such as PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, TFTs, servers, network components, etc. and return them to the IT market or recycle them according to the highest possible security standards.

For 20 years we have been working at the highest security level throughout Europe for insurance and health insurance companies, banks, consulting and leasing companies, public authorities, industrial companies, system houses, ministries and other public clients.


We rely on flexible processes that are controlled by our own software, which is constantly being developed and optimized. For more information density, more transparency and more traceability.


We reward the high level of technical know-how and commitment of our employees with an above-average salary and ongoing team and training measures. Annual data security training courses and daily stand-up audits keep the level of knowledge high.

Economic & sustainable

A large part of the equipment can be returned to the market, i.e. you can even make a profit by selling the hardware. In addition, we – and therefore you as well – make an important contribution to environmental protection by re-marketing or recycling the devices and enable social institutions and financially weaker people to enter the IT world at low cost. Turning old devices into a new opportunity.

We make sure that our customers receive an audit-proof verification by certificate (GDPR) that their data on the legacy devices transferred to us have been irrevocably erased. Subsequently, we reprocess the devices for the secondary market or – depending on their condition – ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

Play it safe – highest and verfiable security

We offer our customers, across all industries, public institutions and authorities or ministries, the highest possible and verifiable security throughout the entire erasure and remarketing process.

Creating Added value for our customers

  • First-hand pickup by security personnel
  • GPS controlled transportation
  • Documented security tagging
  • Access secured storage
  • Manual and visual inspection of devices and notebook bags for any kind of data medium
  • Audit-proof data erasure according to all international standards
  • Purification, pseudonymisation & anonymisation
  • Certified refurbishment and remarketing 
  • Complete destruction of data media by our own in-house shredder

Features that make us special

“Efficiency and sustainability with the highest certified level of security and
quality are our standards by which we measure ourselves against every day.”

David Murillo

Quality leadership

We provide intelligent and professional services, constantly improving their quality. Our Integrated Management System is regularly audited and certified.
Our goal: The highest level of safety and reliability according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management).

Customer focus

Our range of services does not represent a mass product, but is based on customer proximity and flexible adaptation to your individual needs.
“One size fits all” is completely ineligible for us. We simply do not think in terms of problems, only solutions.

Employee management

We motivate our employees to deal with their daily work, to identify and exploit optimization potential, to propose solutions and to assume the responsibility assigned to them. Nothing is eternally fixed in our management system, as processes are constantly being improved and developed through the active participation of all employees.

Social affairs

As a company, we are of course also aware of our social responsibility. That’s why we support various social projects, schools and aid organizations. We also work with a non-profit employment company for people with mental health problems in terms of waste disposal. Furthermore, we provide our employees with additional company health insurance.

We are certified

“Through our integrated management system, we combine quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), information security management (ISO 27001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) to guarantee quality, safety and sustainability at the highest level.”